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We perform custom processing of metals by a power laser on a job-shop basis. We are the only company in the Czech Republic offering this technology for:

- laser hardening of moulds, tools, gears, turbine blades and various machine parts.

- laser cladding with wear resistant or corrosion resistant coatings. Cladding can be carried out as a repair procedure on replaced parts or to enhance the properties of new components.

We perform laser welding of components for the transport, power and building industries. This includes the welding of high-strength steels and repair of cracks using laser beam technology.

We also offer chemical and microstructure analysis of materials, consultancy and technology development services at own research department LASER ARC, as well as quality inspection.

If you want to know more abour our services, do not hesitate to contact us. All figures and videos used on these web pages are made in MATEX PM and can not be used without permission.

MATEX PM - kalení ozubení
MATEX PM, s.r.o.: Plzeň, Božkov - Subsidiary.
MATEX PM - kalení ozubení
MATEX PM, s.r.o.: Hall in Božkov.
MATEX PM - kalení ozubení
MATEX PM - kalení ozubení
MATEX PM, s.r.o.: Ostrava Subsidiary.